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Greetings! I'm Cori Ashley, the founder and visionary driving "Super Me! Sleeves." Step into our dynamic family of innovators and compassionate individuals dedicated to infusing joy into the complexities of our world. We're thrilled to welcome you!

"Super Me! Sleeves" is about more than just products; we're about purpose. Our affiliate program is a shared journey where we all come together to create positive change worldwide, both for others and ourselves.

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Every purchase through your unique code becomes a catalyst for transformation. With each sale, we proudly fund the donation of our innovative "Super Me!" Empowering Programs and Resources, supporting communities, education, and help programs, ensuring access for those who may not have the means to do so themselves. (Visit to check out our very engaging programs).

We understand that it's expensive to thrive in this world, so we wanted to make sure your efforts are rewarded, and that positive change is beautifully expanded on all fronts.

Affiliate Wins

Offer your community 10% off their entire purchase!

You receive an incredible 10% of every sale made!

As a member of our affiliate family, you get to showcase your commitment in style—wear some seriously cool gear that not only looks good but also reflects your dedication to making the world a better place.

As we like to say... "Inspiration never looked so good!"

Join us in this empowering journey where everyone wins, and we create a lasting impact. Together, we wear our passion, purpose, and hearts on our sleeves.

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